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The Family Manual on Self-Defense

The Family Manual on Self-Defense
All our reactions in life are based on impulse natural, repeated reactions that over time eventually turn into habits. We all have habits bad, good, dangerous, and life-saving habits and all of these habits are driven by our subconscious mind.

As an example, if you planned to achieve a physical target of 100 press-ups, you may find that, on your first attempt, you are only able to achieve 10 press-ups; and as you progress through the next two weeks, you may start to achieve, 25 to 30 press-ups. Similarly, the same principle applies when you change a bad habit into a good habit: it takes a minimum of 21 days of verbal repetition, visualisation, and belief to create a habit or reverse a negative habit.

It is therefore imperative that you maintain an unbroken cycle of repetitions of your technique and mental belief in that technique for a minimum unbroken period of 21 days.
You must NOT break your routine, that cycle of repetitive self-defence movements and your BELIEF in your ability to execute these defensive moves. In Article 12, we'll begin to make these changes to your mind-set, changes to your habit.

My name is Maurice Lorenz-Andree, Author of "The Family Manual on Self-Defense", plus a Student of 40 years of research into Self-Defense under a few key Self-Defense Masters in various parts of the world.
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OC spray causes severe inflammation around the eyes, which reduces or eliminates the vision of an assailant. In most cases, citizens are allowed to carry the spray solely for self-defense purposes.

Buildings that restrict visitors from carrying weapons also prohibit the carrying of pepper spray. OC spray may be purchased online or in a variety of stores. In most areas, you must be 18 or older to buy pepper spray. Some stores that carry these sprays include sporting goods shops and police equipment suppliers.

The strength of pepper-spray varies depending on the manufacturer and other variables. Use all sprays with caution. There are also practice sprays (contain an inert spray), so you can learn how to use the product safely.

Now that you know the mechanics of pepper spray why aren't you carrying your spray? Break down and buy some Pepper Spray for all of them.