11 June 2012

Unconventional Warfare Fundamental Skills--An Open Enrollment Class

Dates: 17AUG12-19AUG12 (I originally thought this would happen earlier in August, but the land owner/host informed me that was a really bad time of year to try and do it, since the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally happens 6AUG-12AUG......No one would get a room and traffic would be a cunt. So...it's the third weekend in August, pending enough interest and confirmations from potential participants)

Location: Black Hills on the South Dakota/Wyoming border area

Program of Instruction Overview:

This three-day class will begin at or about 1200 on Friday, 17AUG12, with a range evaluation to ensure safe firearms handling in a combative marksmanship environment, followed by a presentation of Tactical Combat Casualty Care/Care Under Fire and Tactical Field Care. The first evening will finish with a discussion of individual critical skills and a general overview of the philosophy and art of immediate action/battle drills.

Day Two (Saturday, 18AUG12) will begin at approximately 0600, with a crawl-walk-run approach to individual movement techniques and tactics, buddy team fire-and-maneuver, and the react-to-contact battle drill in fire team and squad-sized elements. Following a lunch break, the class will progress to other essential immediate action/battle drills, before finishing the evening with a discussion of the principles and art/science of small-unit irregular patrolling and troop-leading procedures (and, assuming an adequate level of safe firearms handling and skills development, a night iteration, crawl-walk-run of the react-to-contact battle drill.

Day Three (Sunday, 19AUG12) also begins at 0600, with a planning/TLP work session, as the class plans and prepares for a short-term/abbreviated patrol. The afternoon session will be the conduct of an actual patrol.

Equipment requirements:

semi-automatic or bolt-action magazine-fed fighting rifle
minimum of 4 magazines (if appropriate for the weapon)
500 rounds of rifle ammunition (minimum recommended). There is a Cabelas in Rapid City, SD which typically has 5.56/.223 available, as well as 7.62x39 (I haven't been there in well over a year, but the class host ensures me they typically have the common calibers in stock).
Rucksack or 3-day pack with your personal, typical load-out, including water and food for 3 days.

There are hotels available in Sundance, WY and Spearfish, SD. Otherwise, the housing available will be what you pack on your back. I will be living out of my ruck on this trip, so there will be plenty of BS time following the training time.

Class Costs:

Cost of the class is $500 for the weekend. This is less than the original estimate of $250/day, but will cover the anticipated expenses if the class is as full as it sounds like it will be. I am open to barter of equipment/gear/silver for part of the cost of the class......

If you are interested, let me know of any questions. If you are a go, I need a confirmation ASAP (NLT 30JUN12) in order to verify the set-up of range facilities with the land-owner/host and make sure my ducks are in a row to get to the class on time. Further contact information and instructions for travel arrangements will be forthcoming, following confirmation from participants.

I look forward to meeting you and training together!

Nous Defions!
John Mosby


  1. I can't attend, but would you consider putting the training on you tube or on a DVD for purchase?
    I for one would spend the money for a DVD of the training even if it was just a summary.

    1. I would by the DVD as well

    2. I would love to buy the DVD as well. Just can't get time off from work to attend in person.

  2. All do respect, this is an Unconventional Warfare class and not something any of us really want to see publish in mass media format. Keep this one close to the vest Sgt, and keep up the good work!

  3. "All do respect, this is an Unconventional Warfare class and not something any of us really want to see publish in mass media format. Keep this one close to the vest Sgt, and keep up the good work!"

    I disagree. All of this knowledge is of skills and techniques that are openly available to the general public thru the likes of the Ranger handbook, and the book of common tasks. The genius in this one to one training is the ability to create the syllabus and effectively teach the subject matter. Is it best to reach 20 beginning warriors or 200,000? Would the cause of freedom and liberty best be kept "close to the vest" or distributed to those who are able and willing to take the fight to those who would be our masters. There is a reason mass media is effective. MASS. A very effective force multiplier.

    Can you learn from a DVD what you can from a qualified teacher? Hell no. But the reason you hand out samples is to get people interested in your product. When the product is the final arbiter of your freedom I say spread it far and wide.

    I hope patriots like John Mosby and Lizard Farmer and Arctic Patriot put books and DVD's out there that bridge the knowledge in manuals and the real world. Then teach those who want to know in person. There is a real need out in the world for this sort of knowledge. Folks can feel that the beast is out there, it is hungry, and time is short. I hope these guys and those like them become millionaires doing it.

    My own small way of helping spread the word is http://not4self.blogspot.com/

    "Free your mind and your ass will follow..."

    I wish I could muster the resources to attend. Alas, it is far from the Green Mountains.

    1. Thank you Toaster, I could not agree with you more.

  4. is there an email address we can reach you at? I can make this as long as I can get the plan in place before hand. Thanks.


  5. Mosby, it would be really cool if you set up an LZ and we could jump into the class :)

    Folks, I agree with Toaster with some caveats. There are lots of manuals, videos, etc out there where folks with no prior service can learn, and judging from the course POI, these are basic infantry skills being taught, but executed in a UW environment. So yes, you can read the Ranger handbook etc, but there is a WORLD of difference between reading about this stuff or watching a DVD and doing it. If you get out in the woods by yourself, you can practice shooting without worrying about a whole host of issues that become a concern when others around you are shooting too. IMO, that's the real win with this course: the ability to practice throwing lead downrange with others around you in an environment that's not a sterile/scripted as a typical military FTX. And.. you're being taught by a Green Beret who's been there and done that, not some guy who's been to one Magpul course. I would suggest at least reading up on patrolling and battle drills before you get there, that way the 'crawl' phase takes up less of your time. Mosby, this is your blog so I hope I haven't taken too much liberty to pontificate. Just trying to add to the conversation.