31 August 2012

More Classes Coming Up

I have had some people request I come do some classes for them, outside of my normal area of operations (the InterMountain West). This opens up the possibility of me doing classes in a wider range of areas. Some of the organizers have been generous enough to offer to let others into their classes.

I will be conducting a Fundamentals of UW Small Unit-Tactics Class in Central Oklahoma (OKC area) the third weekend in October. There are a very few slots available in this class. Contact me within the week if you want more details.

I was asked, during the last open-enrollment class, about doing a cold-weather/winter patrolling and fieldcraft class. That individual and I have been discussing the option of doing that in November or December in Northern Colorado or Southern Wyoming. It will be an open-enrollment class that will focus on basic patrolling TTPs and individual fieldcraft in winter environments. Let me know if you have any interest in this class.

If you have an interest in a class in your immediate area, and don't have enough guys to put together a full class, but are willing to open it to others, email me. It's a great way to expand your immediate network, and since I don't discuss anything illegal in my classes, you don't have to worry about some douche from the Fed showing up and ruining your week.

I will also be doing an open-enrollment class in November on the squad-designated marksman/precision rifleman role in UW. This will focus on intermediate-range marksmanship with the fighting rifle, specifically the 200-500 meter range envelope, and all that implies. This will take place in eastern Wyoming's Black Hills.
Nous Defions!
John Mosby
Somewhere in the Mountains


  1. northern colorado would be excellent if you aint already got your location picked , i would love nothing more than to attend one of your classes sir

  2. I'd really be interested in hearing more about the DM role, including gear analysis and standards. It's a skillset I can see a lot of application for in UW.

    Also, what kind of packing list would you have for the DM course? Would you need match rounds, or would normal military ball work?

  3. ever teach any classes in AZ? bunch of like minded people down here

  4. Anon: Standard M855 green tip will suffice for this class, although match rounds sure aren't going to hurt......Beyond that, normal fighting load, and a magnified optic (I suggest 1-4/1-6X variable) of a robust build. Binoculars and a spotting scope if you possess one. Bring a notebook and pen.

    Anon: 6:16

    I would be happy to teach a class in AZ....We just need to get it set up.

    1. This is Anon Sep 1 again. On that note, what do you suggest for an optic? I'm shooting 7.62 NATO, and I'm pretty impressed with the 3.5x ACOGs due to their lighter weight and illumination without batteries. Any other optics I should be looking at instead?

  5. Re AZ class: can I email you directly/privately to talk details?

  6. For ANY questions on specific classes, email me directly at nousdefionsranger@yahoo.com.